Beyond Early Intervention, LLC is a home-based early intervention provider serving children with special needs, ages birth-six in the Columbia and surrounding areas. Beyond EI’s early interventionists have combined experience of over 18 years working with at-risk children and children with special needs. Early Interventionists specialize in serving medically fragile children, children with speech/language delays, global developmental delays, behavior issues, autism spectrum disorders, and at-risk infants. We realize that some of these challenges may be new to you and your family, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding early intervention that may help you gain much needed information.

How do I receive information about early intervention or make a referral?

You can call BabyNet at 1.877.621.0865 or Beyond Early Intervention’s office at 803.447.8449 for more information. If your child is over the age of 3 you can call the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN) at 1.800.289.7012 or Beyond Early Intervention’s office at 803.447.8449 for more information.

Once BabyNet has evaluated your child and he or she qualifies for services, you will be able to choose Beyond E.I. as your Early Intervention Agency. You will be contacted by an EI from Beyond Early Intervention and an initial visit will be set at a convenient time and place for you.

What services are provided to meet the developmental needs of a child?

The services provided to children and their families differ based on the individual needs and strengths of each child and the child’s family. The following services may be including in the team that will be working with your child and family: parent education, support services, therapists, and other family centered services that assist in child development.

Where do children and families receive services?

Services are able be provided in the child’s home, child care center, nursery school, play group, Head Start program, early head start program, or other settings familiar to the family.

Early intervention provides supports and services in a variety of settings. Early Interventions supports and services are embedded in typical routines and activities, within the family and/or community settings. This approach allows for frequent, meaningful practice and skill building opportunities.

What is family training?

Early intervention is a family focused service for children birth to 6 years of age. Beyond Early Intervention’s early interventionists are credentialed and will help your family understand your child’s unique needs. We show you specific training to assist in addressing the developmental area of concern. We come where the child is, we learn through play, and we help you see why family training works! Family training is family directed; we build on the strengths of your family and your child.

What happens after age 3?

BabyNet provides services to children from birth to 3. After age 3 the Department of Disabilities provides services for children 3-6 and 6 to adulthood. Beyond Early Intervention can also assist your family with continuing services through the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. Your early interventionist will work side by side with you during the eligibility process that will begin at age 2 ½. If your child meets the eligibility criteria through the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, your child may be eligible for EI services until the age of six. Your Early Intervention Specialist will provide assistance for this process when that time arrives.

What is the importance of Infant Massage?

We have specialized early interventions that can show you infant massage and discuss the benefits. Our families love this. So do the children!
Massage can provide wonderful benefits, such as:
– calmness and focus
– building muscle tone
– settling tummy troubles
– language development
– a safe and nurturing way to play with a newborn
– a natural way to bond with your infant